Dasher/Lawless Inc. has distinguished itself by leveraging a broad spectrum of resources from the entitlement phase through construction and leasing/sales to build appreciable assets for holders of marquee portfolio properties.

Founder Christopher Alan has over 25 years of experience building large-tract planned developments, Mixed Use, residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects across California, Florida, and Ohio. Prior to forming Dasher/Lawless in 2003, Alan spent 12 years building projects in the greater Los Angeles area for several developers. During that time Alan notated areas of the city which were not receiving the attention of the larger land developers, while at the same time he began cultivating strong relationships with local community groups, city planning officials, district council representatives, as well as the mayors’ office.


With a unique and adept approach to investing, Alan navigated Dasher/Lawless’ to early success by concentrating his developments in a localized area in the San Fernando Valley. Having amassed a stable of dedicated in-house employees and outside experts, Dasher/Lawless nurtured a reputation among community groups and city officials as a company built on an absolute commitment to satisfy the needs of the customers and communities it serves. This intellectual property has garnered esteem for Dasher/Lawless from community groups, which in turn translates into a rare and rewarding rapport with city planning and city council officials.


Although Dasher/Lawless Inc. maintains a wide array of products, our primary focus and area of expertise is in the rapidly emerging urban real estate market. Over a number of years we have recognized that certain urban locales have been on the verge of a transitional renaissance, both economically and demographically. It is this kind of insight that has allowed Dasher/Lawless to successfully identify and acquire some of the most exciting mixed use and transit oriented developments in the greater Los Angeles area

It is our intention to create a product of the highest quality that will live and breathe within a community. We design our centers as destination points that will not only serve as landmarks of timeless architecture and beauty but also as a vibrant source of entertainment, retail and residential opportunity. Our endeavors are meticulously orchestrated from the first conceptual design of a particular project to the carefully chosen tenant mix which will ultimately serve the community it inhabits.


Dasher/Lawless Inc. can attribute the firm’s rapid growth and continued success to our aptitude at assessing and improving upon the continually changing landscape of opportunities and challenges that present themselves during the course of a project. It is this facility and understanding that allows us to maintain our unique visionary characteristics. Our experience as real estate investors, developers, builder and most importantly consumer has allowed us to truly assess the needs of the community, whether it is in the mixed-use arena, office space, retail, multi-family residential, hotel, or entertainment. As a result, we can successfully pin point the underserved niches within an areas real estate infrastructure and create a product of the highest quality that will serve the community for years to come.